Peggy Sue Wood



About Me

Peggy Sue Wood is a freelance editor and writer with over two years of experience in the field of publishing. She provides proofreading, copy, line, and developmental editing services for authors. She also provides writing, art/manuscript review, and marketing services. Please check out the "Services" page of this website for more information.

She has an educational background is in creative writing, publishing, and English literature.

If you are interested in contacting her about a potential project for the near future or other services, you can email her at She will respond with 24 hours.

Personal Projects

Database Design Project | October 2020 - Present

Passion Project – Database for GRE Literature Subject Test

#EnglishLitComic | September 2020 - Present

Comic Creator

  • A creative project about Alex J. Williams--a wanna-be writer and academic born and raised in California making his way through college.

Computerized Storytelling | November 2018 - Present

Story Annotator

  • Working with doctorial students from the University of Utah on creating an AI that can author interactive narratives by using cognitive models of planning (annotated folktales from around the world)