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"Someday I will be a Lion of Literature"

Peggy Sue Wood is an up-and-coming freelance editor and writer with close to two years of experience in the professional field of editing. She provides proofreading, copy and line editing, and developmental editing services. She also provides some social media marketing, copywriting, ghostwriting, and more, with a background of over five years of experience in sales. Her educational background is in creative writing, publishing, and English literature. You can view her work here on, where she has collected samples of her skills and a taste of her educational background. She especially enjoys working with self-publishing authors and has varied experience in most forms of publishing, from comics to magazines and news to traditional novel writing.

If you are interested in contacting her about a potential project or other services, you can email her at

Services, Prices, and Samples can be found under the "Services" page of this website.


New York University, Summer Publishing Institute | July 2018

Certification in Publishing

Chapman University | May 2018

M.A. in English Literature

Chapman University | May 2017

B.A. in English Literature & B.F.A. in Creative Writing

  • Honors: Cum Laude x2, Sigma Tau Delta

Professional Work Experience

Freelance Editing & Writing | November 2018 - Present

Developmental, Copy, and Line Editor + Marketing Content Creator

  • Assisting self-publishing authors with copy, line, and developmental edits on various novels; Assisting authors in book promotion research and editorial scheduling; Designing and planning editorial schedules; Help with project management; Assisting authors network and connect with other talent such as cover designers and publicity aides; Assisting individuals and groups with social media and market copywriting; Ghost writing novel length pieces and blog posts for clients; Manuscript review


  • Peggy's Editorial is a blog aimed at professionals who are new to publishing. It aims to be a resource for those interested or just starting out in a publishing career; Publishes weekly on Saturdays at and here under the page "Blog Posts"
  • The Anime View is a blog aimed at those interested in anime, manga, comics, and other forms of entertainment media; Publishes weekly on Saturdays at and here under the page "Blog Posts"

Tutoring + College Prep, January 2020 - Present

  • Assisting high school and undergraduate college students in preparing for college and in adjusting to collegiate academic standards
  • Started as a means to build experience for PhD applications

MAL Rewrite Editor, March 2019 - Present

  • A volunteer position where passionate editors and writers coordinate, schedule, and publish revised and more complete synopses on, allowing fans and those interested in watching or reading a series to have a better understanding of the story

Sigma Tau Delta | March 2019 - Present

Alumni Epsilon Chapter President

  • 2 Year Term, 2019-2021; In-charge of the Bylaws Committee and chapter management

John Wiley and Sons | August 2018 - November 2018

Editorial Assistant

  • Handled contracting and covers process for two acquisitions editors; Tracked project deadlines; Coordinated between different authors, teams, and departments; Handled additional work to standard to an assistant role
  • Left this job in order to take care of a family issue. Circumstances have changed and the issue has since been resolved.

Kim’s Antiques | June 2012 – May 2018

Lead Sales Agent

  • Became top sales operator in first year after tripling For Sale items; Trained new employees; Handled payroll, shipping schedules, and other administrative duties; Wrote over 1,000 sheets of copywriting for sales and marketing

Chapman University | January 2018 – May 2018

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Spring 2018

  • Assisted Dr. Myron Yeager by performing teaching and teaching-related duties, such as developing teaching materials, research, giving examinations, and tutoring during set office hours for students; Class ENG 222

DC Entertainment | June 2017 - August 2017

Editorial Intern

  • Learned the process of making comics from pitch to publication (Birds of Prey Issue #18); recreated the in-house art and story reference guide for the Superman Group ; contributed to organizing the Vertigo titles’ catalog; As of January 2020, still a featured intern shown on WarnerBros' Internships Webpage

Student Editorial & Other Experience

Sigma Tau Delta | Fall 2016 - May 2018

AZI Chapter President

  • Worked up to becoming chapter president over the course of the first year by becoming the Events Coordinator, than Vice President, and was later voted in as President; Held position until graduation; Achieved goal of increasing social media presence and following by 200%; Achieved goal of having chapter host at least one workshop per academic year upon entering leadership roles; Planned and hosted the Sigma Tau Delta Regional Conference of 2018
        • Guest Speaker: Stepanka Jislova - Fall 2016 (Graphic Novel Workshop)
        • Richard Fairgray - ---(Graphic Novel Workshop)
        • Guest Speaker: Gustave Arellano - Fall 2017 (Journalism Workshop)
        • Guest Speaker: Ruthanne Salido - Spring 2018 (Journalism Workshop)
        • Entering Professional Academia - Fall 2018 (Academic Workshop)

The Upstart Crows, Chapman University's Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Journal | August 2017-July 2018

Founder and Editor-In-Chief

  • Handled administrative duties including: organizing events, coordinating the publication schedule, managing incoming submissions, and more

THE PROWL or ChapBook, Chapman University's Daily Digital News | January 2018 - May 2018

Managing Editor

  • Worked with the Editor-in-Chief to divide work between editors; Assigned stories; Managed the publishing schedule; Released daily updates to professors and members of the team; Coordinated with other publications around campus; Handled administrative duties similar to that of The Upstart Crows

Prowl Magazine, Chapman University's Digital Magazine | January 2018 - April 2018

Managing Editor

  • Worked with the Editor-in-Chief to divide work between editors; Assigned stories; Managed the publishing schedule; Released daily updates to professors and members of the team; Coordinated with other publications around campus; Handled administrative duties similar to that of The Upstart Crows

Anastamos, Chapman University's Graduate Interdisciplinary Journal | August 2017-May 2018

Assistant Editor of Creative Writing

Calliope, Chapman University's Journal for Art and Creative Writing | August 2017-May 2018

Editor of Creative Writing

Her Campus Media Magazine, Chapman University Chapter | January 2017-May 2018

Student Staff Writer

  • Presented for and promoted the publication at the Sigma Tau Delta Far West Regional Conference 2018; Submitted on a bi-monthly basis

The Underground, Chapman University's Experimental Zine | August 2016-May 2018

Creative Writing Editor & Web Designer

The Promethean, Concordia University's Literary Journal | September 2013-May 2015


-- Standard To All Student Editorial Positions:

  • Collaborated with other students to meet deadlines; Participated in group meetings and discussions; Reviewed all incoming submissions; Edited multiple stories and communicated with authors


  • Developmental/Content Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Copyediting
  • Organizational skills used with project tracking and management, proficient
  • Microsoft Office, proficient
  • Photoshop, proficient (2 Years of Classes in High School)
  • Web Design, proficient
  • Text Transcription
  • Social Media, proficient
  • Marketing copywriting, proficient
  • MLA, Chicago, APA, and AP formatting, proficient
  • Video Editing/Final Cut Pro, intermediate
  • HTML, intermediate
  • Japanese Language, intermediate
  • Trained in NPD's DecisionKey/Bookscan
  • Sharepoint 2010, proficient

Current Affiliations

  • Member of the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ)
  • Member of the American Copy-Editors' Society (ACES)
  • Member of the MAL Rewrite Team, Volunteer Editor Role
  • Member of The Authors Guild
  • Member of Sigma Tau Delta, Alumni Epsilon President

Honors & Achievements

(Learn more by checking the sections above or clicking the links below)

Professional Based:

  • (2020) "Authorial Intent: Does It Matter In Publishing?" - Accepted to Sigma Tau Delta's International 2020 Convention
  • (2019) - Accepted onto MAL Rewrite Team as an Editor
  • (2017-2018) - Published regularly by Her Campus Media Magazine, link to articles.

Academic Writing:

  • (2018) "Oscar Wilde: Child of the Classics" - Presented at Chapman University's Student Research Day Spring 2018 | 9 May 2018
  • (2018) "The Female Novelist's Anxiety of Authorship" - Presented at Chapman University's Graduate Research Day Spring 2018 | 7 May 2018
  • (2018) "Maurice's Love: Coming Out Hasn't Changed" - Presented at The International E. M. Forster Society's Annual Convention | April 2018
  • (2018) "The Sellout: A Hero?" - Presented at Sigma Tau Delta Far West Conference Spring 2018 | 28 April 2018
  • (2016) "A Gay Superhero" - Presented at Sigma Tau Delta Far West Regional Conference Fall 2016

Creative Writing:

  • (2020) "An Introduction to Writing" - Accepted to Sigma Tau Delta's International 2020 Convention
  • (2019) "My Dad is An Alien" - Presented at Sigma Tau Delta International Convention 2019
  • (2018) "When?" or "Nameless" - Presented at Sigma Tau Delta's Far West Conference Spring 2018
  • (2018) "I Confess" - Presented at Sigma Tau Delta International Convention 2018
  • (2017) "(Im)Perfect" - Presented at Sigma Tau Delta International Convention 2017
  • (2015) “Six Mourners” - Published in Concordia University’s The Promethean, Issue 2014/2015