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Winter Break 2016

10 DEC 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Your Dæmon Adan has taken on its final form and is waiting for you to take it with you into your virtual world.

Wish I could have downloaded the original picture from the email, but it’s so old that I can’t get it to load!

I did the test that came out for the movies at the time (2013, I think?) and got a rabbit like four times. I decided to post this here since I've been thinking about the Golden Compass a lot over break and It just felt right, you know?

FALL 2016

Joined Sigma Tau Delta:

I joined the Alpha Zeta Iota chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honors Society, at Chapman in Fall of 2016 and since entering, I have gone from a participating member to Director of Programming to Vice President!

In addition to the amazing friends that I’ve gained from joining, I’ve been able to present at both the regional conference and international convention in the last academic year. I’m so glad to be apart of this community and as time passes I find only more satisfaction in my membership.

After joining, I immediately got to work on helping our chapter grow. I created our mascot, Azi, and updated our social media. I also got to work on organizing our documents and email in-box. Our chapter quickly became a well-oiled machine.

Sigma Tau Delta 2016 Far Western Regional Conference:

I presented at the Sigma Tau Delta Conference in November! It was a lot of fun and I’m so happy that my paper was well received! (You can read the paper on the Academic Work page of my website.)

OC Literary Society Luncheon:

Received a special invitation from a member of the OC Literary Society. Myself and a handful of other students were invited to attend. We were able to meet and talk with the author. It was a true honor.

Built an ePortfolio!

Welcome to my ePortfolio! I built this portfolio as part of my preparation to go to Sigma Tau Delta's International Convention this Spring. Professor Mildred Lewis was the one who recommended doing so and I really enjoyed making it! Please note that any posts that appear before this were made prior to this website.

3 DEC 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Finals are coming up…. augh.

3 DEC 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

News Writing (Not for Magazines or Journals): Notes for Writing an Article

The percentage of passive sentences should be low; If possible, less than 5 %.

Average sentence length should be between 8-12 words (the shorter the better).

The grade level of your work should be between 6 and 8, the language should be precise (if you can say it in smaller and clearer words than you should), and the citation of sources - where the information comes from - should be in the text (follow AP format).

Word Count: Depends on what the topic is and who you are working for.

3 DEC 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Presentation ENG 256 - Cultural Studies Criticism (Images not Included)

Cover Slide: Cultural Studies & Steven Universe

For those of you that don’t know – Steven Universe is a sci-fi children’s show featuring three organic alien gems and the half-human half-gem child of their former leader as they make a life for themselves on earth and protect it from harm. There is less focus on the alien aspect than one might think as the show tends to focus more on humanity, its people, lifestyle, and culture.

Slide One: What is the difference between Historicism & Cultural Studies?

Cultural Studies are contemporary, focused on popular culture like television, music, comics, sports and such, and are optimistic about resistance to dominant ideologies.

Historicism are, as the name implies, historical, focused on elite literary culture, basically works written with noted influence on and by culture like Shakespeare, and primarily pessimistic about resistance to dominant ideologies.

An easier way of stating this might be that Cultural Studies is a broader topic - covering a variety of issues past and present that are shown in contemporary works and culture while historicism covers the specific culture of the time around when a work was written or produced.

Slide Two: Cultural Studies

Parker helps define this topic by stating, ““By taking the people and pleasures of popular culture seriously rather than scornfully, cultural studies scholars shifted the study of popular culture from the study of how its fans are dupes of the broader cultural hegemony to studying how they use popular culture to speak back to and perhaps even resist or begin to resist the expectations of dominant ideologies, such as consumerism, sexism, racism, capitalism, class elitism, and so on.”

Slide Three: Example

An example of a contemporary work that fits this topic is Steven Universe. How does this show fit?

1. It is a contemporary show – it first came out on cartoon network in 2013 and is still going on.

2. It is a part of Popular Culture - the show has a wide following of children, young adults, and various outlying individuals from different groups.

3. The show features resistance to dominant ideologies

Slide Four: Resistance to Dominant Ideologies Gender Ideologies

Except for the main character, who is half human, the gems are sexless and their gender is self identified.

Class Elitism / Racism


In this clip, Pearl (feature on the far right of the picture on this slide) resist the dominant ideology of her home world declaring that she is more than property and capable of more intelligent work and so on. This clip examines issues of classism and racism within the society the gem characters originate from and how, even away from their home world, where they have been free for a long while, there are still prejudices that remain based on class and kind.

Slide Five: Diversity and Friends

The show features a diverse cast of characters from different backgrounds, situations, and problems working through their issues, making friends, and forming relationships. Usually as a result of the main character’s involvement. The main character, Steven, is blind to many issues - not understanding problems based on background and such - allowing characters to go deeper into the subject to explain how they really feel about the situation they are in because of dominant ideologies. An example is the episode Joy Ride, in which each of the characters seen in this picture reveals a part of their lives that resist the stereotypes of their personality. Buck, far right, a laid back character reveals the stress of being the mayor’s son explaining that his always wants him to behave due to image. Jenny, second from the right, reveals trouble with her sister about lifestyle choices. Realistic at-home issues not usually seen with characters in a children’s show.

Slide Six: Escaping Oppression and Immigration to a New Society

In the episode The Answer, audiences witnessed key characters escaping an oppressive society and immigrating to a new world where they were allowed to be themselves rather than suffering the dominant ideology of the society (fusion as bad, especially between different gems). This episode reflects current immigration issues and resistance to various other cultural expectations including class elitism and racism.

Slide Seven: The Show’s Presence in Popular Culture

Many stories have been written about the show over the last few years. For example, FEM, UCLA’s Feminist Newsmagazine, published an article two years ago praising the show’s overall quality in regards to fair and accurate representation of females, gender issues, and people. Social media sites, like Tumblr, host a variety of in depth analyses by audiences in regards to the social issues, both obvious and subtle, present by the show. An example of this is an in-depth analysis of character’s behavior, written by a fan, detailing the possibility of abuse in the character’s life.

Slide Eight: Conclusion

Each episode shows multiple aspects of popular and contemporary culture giving this sci-fi children’s show identifiable, relatable, and realistic characters and role models. The show has a wide range of followers. Therefore, this show is a perfect example of a contemporary work that fits the discussion of this interpretation topic.

(2016) by Crestpha

26 NOV 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Christmas is Coming….

23 NOV 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

This feels like me. Like, I don’t have on my glasses 90% of the time that I should and sometimes I’m like, “Who are you?” **puts on glasses** oh, hi person I know.

17 NOV 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

^^^ THIS IS SO REAL. Like, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve taken off the boots and seen this or imprints of my skates indented into the flesh with little dots or designs from my socks added in.

3 NOV 16

3 NOV 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

It felt real…

Set an alarm in case I fell asleep in the student lounge area.

Fell asleep in lounge area.

Awoke startled by alarm.

Knocked over back pack, full cup of soda (luckily not onto self or my stuff), nearly dropped laptop that was resting on my lap from when I fell asleep, and phone with the alarming going off.

Phone (still going off like a fire alarm) slid under a chair.

Everyone stares as I frantically jump into puddle of soda to get phone out from under neighboring chair.

New update made my forget to press the home button and not swipe…

Phone still screaming.

People staring.

Finally get it turned off.

Actually wakes up in lounge to friends attempting to burry me in back packs and one of them trying to get the snooze feature back on after turning the alarm off.

24 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

22 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

That moment you forget to put on skate guards because the floor around the rink is padded and then walk onto the tile in the cafe and hear the ear cringing sound of expensive blades you just had sharpened hitting the floor…

21 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Yuri!!! On Ice

Okay, I don’t know if someone has pointed this out already, but the sound for Yuri!!! on Ice (when the skates glide on the ice) is so perfect I could scream. Like, whenever I hear it I just go, YES - THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE WHEN I SIT SPIN! or YES - THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE AS I GLIDE BACKWARDS! This anime is amazing.

18 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

8th Grade Syndrome: Didn’t we all, Cole. Didn’t we all….


13 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Vampire Knight ships

I see so many posts about Yuuki and zero right now. (And always close behind or ahead is the Yuuki and Kaname posts) why no AidoxYuuki posts?? Am I crazy? Why people???!! They would be so good together!!

Adio x Yuuki people!

https://theanimeview.tumblr.com/post/151735777057 < Pairing Pictures <3

13 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Felt like Retribution…

One time my Feraligatr (his name is Sebastian) was poisoned and I was rushing to the Pokémon center only some trainer kid popped up from the tall grass and stopped me. He got to attack first and ended up making Sebastian faint…. so I destroyed all of his Pokémon with my Mightyena (her name is Fluffy but she’s a mean one when she wants to be). If Pokémon would let us join team rocket I would have taken all his antidotes and revivals for that attack. Like, courtesy, please. I have a sick 7ft 200+Ibs. croc on my belt that needs medical attention.

12 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)


I promised I would post about this for my gamer friends… so here goes.

Let’s be clear. I have played video games… I’m just not much of a gamer. I usually get a single game that I think I’ll really like (ex. Pokemon is a must) and then I’ll play it and try to win but I don’t complete them that often. Here are some things I have done that my gamer friends think are funny and they wanted me to post so that they can tell people. Here goes.

In the order they chose:

1. Kingdom Hearts 365 Days - I did NOT know you actually had to add the level things for your character to level up. Like, I just added all my elixirs, a good key blade(s), magic things and jumps but left all of my level ups for the characters power in the box. So I was basically Level 1 all the way to the level with Halloween town when it has that giant casket that spins and spits poison… I was stuck there forever when I finally asked a friend to help me and she, after one turn of trying to do it and dying, realized I never added levels to my character… The game got a lot easier after that.

http://www.khwiki.com/Leechgrave ^^ That’s the monster I got stuck on.

2. I was unable to finish most Pokemon Games until I started buying the guide books and even then it took/takes a while.

3. On Minecraft, I thought I could fight cave spiders but kept dying so I locked them in their spawn area with some heavy duty bricks and cement which my friends on the server didn’t know about… They couldn’t figure out why I left a block in the middle of the base. So one of them decided to make a bedroom in there. With one block missing, he saw the spider and figured I just locked it in there because I didn’t want to fight it (I’ve done it before with things I’m afraid of in the game). As soon as he took out two blocks the spiders started to flood the base. A lot of people died that day and since the spiders flooded the base I made we had to evacuate. They own it now. We sealed the entrance and now I have to carry signs everywhere to label things like that.

Also… I spent most of my time building huge floating temples by leaving the top section of a mountain and clearing everything underneath it and when someone joined the server and didn’t know that in the time they had logged off and on again I had cleared the area beneath the castle base they fell to their death. Oops.

Well, that’s all for now. Like I said, I don’t play a lot of games so this is kind of it.

12 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Show Tropes I Hate (TV, Streaming, Whatever)

1. Flippant Sexuality (Usually Women) - You know, the one where a woman is straight but then season 2 comes around and she has sex with a hot lady (probably to cheat on husband) and that’s it. It’s just sex. Which is uncommon in my opinion since women tend to have more emotionally driven affairs than sexual ones. Plus, it’s random. There was never a hint or a lead-up. Just, oh she and this woman meet and they suddenly have sex or a long time ago they had a steamy affair and the other lady has never gotten over it. Like, if the character is bisexual and not ashamed of it, at least be open about it in private. You don’t have to announce it flamboyantly - just mention it or hint at it a bit instead of just randomly making the character have an affair while acting like that is the biggest twist of the episode. It’s not a twist. A twist would be said same-sex lover also having an affair with the spouse of the central character. Like, surprise! I was sleeping with you and your husband and none of us had any idea! < That would be a twist.

2. Officer’s spouse cannot take being the spouse of a dedicated officer anymore and breaks up with said officer. - I’ve seen it in almost every freaking cop/agent show. It’s annoying and terrible. I get that it happens, but… can it happen before the show starts? Like, we find out the wife or husband is leaving the officer in the pilot for this reason instead of turning it into a big season-long arc for the character?

3. Sad Gay Relationship - why can’t there be a few gay couples that are normal? Not one where someone is having an affair and sex crazed but hiding it (poorly) while the other is sweet. Not the one where someone in the relationship is addicted to drugs or something. Like, I just want a nice normal happy couple that's part of the main cast. Where their problems at work are like forgetting reports and they have rom-com moments. Where the parents dislike the relationship, not because of their child being in a homosexual relationship, but because the boyfriend/girlfriend of the son/daughter insulted the mom’s roast beef like three years ago or something. I know that shiz happens in real life.

4. The best friend who is like a sibling becomes main love interest. If they were raised like siblings, it feels weird watching the one lust after the other (who is clearly not interested in them that way) only to have them have a sudden change of heart.

5. Flashbacks in every episode that confuse the preestablished events and are just there to make the plot twist in the show make a little more sense. It doesn’t by the way. Just, get your shit together and write a damn twist that can be explained by events that follow it. Establish the background. Continue from there.

Well, That’s all I had to say about it.

7 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

My Fall Semester Required Reading (2016):


Norton Anthology of World Literature A, B, C, and D

The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia by Samuel Johnson

Rhetorical Theory: An Introduction by Timothy Borchers

Comparative Rhetoric: An Historical and Cross-Cultural Introduction by George A. Kennedy

Woman, Native, Other: Writing Postcoloniality and Feminism by Trinh T. Minh-Ha

FieldWorking: Reading and Writing Research, 4th Edition by Bonnie Stone Sunstein and Elizabeth Chiseri-Strater

Foe by J. M. Coetzee

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City by Alice Goffman

Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples by Linda Tuhiwai Smith

How to Write a BA Thesis: A Practical Guide from Your First Ideas to Your Finished Paper (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing) by Charles Lipson

The Craft of Research, Third Edition (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing) by Wayne C. Booth

GENKI I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese [With CDROM] (Second Edition)

GRE Prep:

Norton Anthology of English Literature The Major Authors

Norton Anthology of English Literature A, B, and C

Nova Math Bible

7 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

As someone who has figure skated for years, I can say that all of the moves in this animation are accurate. Like, the toe loops are so on point I nearly screamed. This is beautiful. I am really looking forward to how this series turns out.

7 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)


In middle school, I had a group project with people and one of my jobs was to write everybody’s name in bubble letters. This was my first year at a new school where I was no longer suffering from the intensive bullying I had received in elementary school, so I was extremely nervous about messing up. (You know how some dogs smells after a visit to the vet’s office? I probably smelled like that.) I asked everyone for their names and double checked spelling.

One girl said “Roxy,” but hadn’t been paying attention to my question and I hadn’t paid attention to the context of the answer. I asked how to spell it, and she said “R-O-X-I-E” - so I wrote that. As it turns out, she was having a side conversation about the clothing brand Roxy and a friend whose name is Roxie. I think she was clarifying something about spelling differences. I don’t really know because I was focused on names.

Anyway, it came time to glue the names onto our presentation board, and we did, only to discover her name was not in the pile… and “Roxie” was now glued to the sheet. I apologized profusely - I broke into tears - I shattered inside and was so scared that I was going to be bullied again. I immediately made a new one with her name on it and was going to tear off the other name, but she stopped me.

She was mad about it for about a second until she realized it had been a genuine mistake and that I was literally broken up about the whole thing. Our group made a joke out of it, she told the teacher it was her nickname and everybody got full credit. She even kept the new bubble lettered name for herself. When the other group in our class tried to make fun of it, she and the rest defended me. I was forgiven. I cried happy tears and thanked her for it (with another apology) and we never spoke about it again… but if she ever comes across this and remembers it from middle school… please know that you are one of the nicest people I have ever met. Thank you for everything. You have no idea how much that experience meant and how much damage you prevented. You are amazing and kind.

I really wasn’t used to communicating with people my own age. I certainly was afraid of just about everyone too. What you did that day, as small as it may have seemed to you, is something I will always remember.

I sincerely give you my thanks.

5 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

The Book Ghost Has Visited!

4 OCT 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

The Kipling 100 Pen Case

I think it’s funny that most all of the studyblrs and writing people I follow have - at some point - posted a picture with the Kipling 100 Pens Case. Like, we all saw it and were like, “Yes. I must have this case to fit all my pens.” I just want to know, did anyone else realize that they had to many pens to fit in it? Cause I did. I then proceeded to stuff that thing and I now know that it has very strong seams…

21 SEP 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Friend: Any Fanfic Recommendations?

Me: Sends a fanfiction that's super long...

Friend: I was not expecting the f*cking odyssey.

18 SEP 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)


Guess who is the new Director of Programming for the ΣΤΔ chapter at my university?

That’s right.

I AM!!!! Whoot-Whoot!

9 SEP 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

How I Currently See My School Week

Fri.: I’m gonna relax, and do all my homework Sat. and Sun. :-)

Sat.: I can get everything done on Sunday. I mean I have 24 hrs to work all Sunday on homework… yeah…

Sun.: If I get this done tonight, I can do this tomorrow and then everything will be done on time! I just have to start in an hour. *hour late* one more hour… *three hours later* Well, I have to eat dinner–I’ll start after dinner! *hours later* It is 11pm. Shiz. *starts homework, often not finished until 3am*

Mon.: I hate everything. What is this? Oh, that shirt I forgot to put away… is it clean? I’ll wear that. Maybe I can go in sweatpants to class? No–classes start after 1. You can’t go in p.j.s after 1pm! *later at night* Oh right, that assignment. *works late on assignment* FUDGE, it’s 3am and I have class in five hours. *tosses and turns until 5am* *what feels like minutes pass before my alarms start going off.*

Tues.: I HATE TUESDAY. No, I hate every day. Why can’t we have online classes? Maybe I can play sick–send an email to the prof… yeah… *goes to classes after debating for twenty minutes* Oh yeah, night class. I hate night class.

Wed.: I don’t wanna go to class! School is important! *Internal debates and breakdowns over future all day, but on a positive note I’m finally doing homework at a reasonable time.*

Thurs.: Oh yeah~ got to all my classes, done with homework for the night~ watching anime is a go for tonight.

Fri.: I’m gonna do it this time–All my homework is going to get done over the weekend. I’ll start tomorrow and…


6 SEP 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Tip From Writing My Prof.

Short disconnected sentences make readers uncomfortable - using these types of sentences at the start of your story draws the reader into the story.


“I was on fire.”

“His hair was blue.”

“She had dead eyes.”

26 AUG 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Story Updates:

Hey, y’all!

So, I am down to my last 55 days before my GRE exams + plus starting graduate school applications, which means I am busy studying last minute, writing essays, filling out paperwork, in addition to thesis and regular school work.

VERY LIKELY POSSIBILITY: No Updates Until Thanksgiving Or Winter Break

Sorry everyone; thank you all for being so patient.

26 AUG 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Practicing Your Handwriting?

I always use the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” It uses all 26 letters of the alphabet and can be concluded the sentence with an exclamation point or question mark if they feel like it.

22 AUG 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Yuri!!! On Ice


As someone who has figure skated most of their life, been a huge fan of skating (read books about skaters - fiction and nonfiction, watches skating shows, movies, episodes, documentaries), just joined my school’s hockey team as part of the managing staff, and so much more - I am looking forward to this anime. I saw the footwork of some of the characters, OMG people, it is spot on. X-D

Looks like in addition to some of the fan stuff on OMGcheckplease! there might be some Yuri!!! On Ice popping up here as well.

Summer 2016

12 JUL 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

This is a pretty good place to get a free public domain novel if you are looking for a book to read or something for class. [http://www.planetebook.com/]

Example MLA Citation for Planet eBook:

*This citation worked for my class, but may not work for others so be sure to double-check how your professor recommends the citation of such a source if you have any doubts

23 JUN 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Signing Up For Classes:

University: You need this class to count as the last credits in this section to graduate

Me: okay *looks it up*

University: Oh, I forgot to mention - we only offer it once every three years.

Me: …

13 JUN 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Spinning Beach Ball of Death

When I was in high school, we had a super fun class that taught us how to use photoshop. It was great! But sometimes the Mac computers we would use would suddenly freeze up. No idea why they would, but when it happened the little spinning rainbow ball would appear and there was a 95% chance anything you had yet to save was just going to disappear. So we called it the spinning beach ball of death and now you can google “spinning beach ball of death” and the above image comes right up.

(Image from: http://williamgallagher.com/blog/tag/beach-ball/)

12 JUN 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Stuff Overheard In The Library

Person A: You thought too much - I pulled mine out of my ass the morning of and got an A.

Person B: You pull so many assignments out of your ass I’m surprised you don’t have a rash.

Me: *wants to laugh, but not get involved in the drama going down*

Spring 2016

8 MAY 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

My grandma gave this to me today. 😄

7 MAY 16 2:33PM - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)

Remember this show? I used to watch it a lot. (Picture is a link to episode 1, “Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West,” on youtube - video was posted by Dragoman666.)

1 MAY 16 - (Originally posted at crestpha.tumblr.com)


“Rememory” is a word that appears in the novel Beloved. It is a noun meaning, possibly, that a memory exists and does not disappear from the place where it happened. (An example might be some of concentration camps from WWII.) It is a thought that can be shared, such as walking around and suddenly imagining something vividly of a scene that you’ve never seen or experienced and yet seeing it or feeling it as if you have. You feel the emotion and depth of an event. Spirit/soul, but something more - like driving past a corner and feeling “car accident,” but not knowing that previously a horrible accident happened there.

(Defined by Dr. Joanna Levin, Chapman University)

10 APR 16 - (Originally posted at theanimeview.tumblr.com)

I know this is a 2012 anime, but I only started watching it tonight. Why is Chihiro Furuya not a werewolf? Look at those ears in his hair. They move! I haven’t seen any human looking ears yet, but nothing says he is a werewolf. Why is he not a werewolf?!

28 FEB 16 - (Originally posted at theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Pokémon Trainer’s Journal :

Some of my friends went all in on the fairy type and others go with mixed teams and stuff, but not me poképeeps. I’m a fire type trainer. 9/10 times I’ll have only one non-fire type Pokémon in my team. Exception - H.G. ds version where I picked totodile instead of cyndaquil. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I went to fight the elite four with more than one none-fire type in my team. I still catch other types, but they’re no part of my main team.

26 FEB 16 - (Originally posted at theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Pokémon Trainer’s Journal :

You’ll be okay. We lost a battle… and Sebastain got hurt, but he’ll be okay.

26 FEB 16 - (Originally posted at theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Pokémon Trainer’s Journal:

Sebastain: Raw - Ra - Rawr Ra Raw ~ Raw - Ra - Rawr Ra Raw ~

Trainer: And Bingo was his name-oh!

26 FEB 16 - (Originally posted at theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Pokémon Trainer’s Journal Project

There is a Pokémon club at my university and an idea was pitched that we should make trainer’s journals with our favorite Pokémon (starters or ones you caught or one you have a plush of - doesn’t matter). So - to all my followers - you’ll probably see some hand drawn pictures and journal entries on this blog. So far it’s been fun!

Pokémon Trainer’s Journal Entries 1-?:

First getting Sebastian (totodile) and finding out he can’t swim yet… (I wish the games would let players play with pokemon like - at a park or something, not just pet them and give them treats).

(Me) Trainer: I have no idea where we are。

Sebastian: Rawr。

Trainer: Oh - just eat your ice cream。

For any posts before this, please check out theanimeview.tumblr.com! I've run my anime blog since 19 August 2013 passionately. It the first blog I've been really connected to and the only one I've kept longer than what you'll find here on my ePortfolio. Thanks!