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12 NOV 19 - posted to Main Website

Redefining "The Anime View"

Updated Every Saturday, except Holiday Weekends

The Anime View is a blog I've run passionately since 2013 on Tumblr.com.

What started as a collection of reposted images from my favorite series or latest anime/manga consumption has recently changed into a place of analytical review, theorizing, and adoration of both mainstream and underappreciated comic and animated media.

Currently, many posts have centered on manhwa and other Korean publications shifting away from the heavy Japanese influences of the blog's origins. However--don't let that fool you--there is still plenty of content focused on Japanese and American releases on the blog with more coming soon!

NOV 19 - posted to Main Website

Developmental, Line, and Copyediting - Freelancer Year 1

November 2018 - Present

Currently, I'm freelance editing for a handful of self-publishing authors. It gives me great joy to help them make their novels and I look forward to the day each of these fantastic works get published!

Having just finished my first year in the business, I must say there have been a lot of ups and downs. That said, here are a few for self-reflection:

  • Aided: 23+ Authors in editing their book(s)!

  • Made 86 new connections!

  • Connected with the Day Agency for a short time!

  • Made 1 potentially horrible contract issue--but worked it out with the author over time!

  • Met 10+ NYT Best Selling Authors!

All in all, it's been a great first year!

23 AUG 19 - posted to theanimeview.tumblr.com

I’m looking on Netflix for a new series to watch and I saw this promotion–when the trailer plays it looks awesome but I want to make a side note. In this still image–all of the characters look like they’re drawn in a different style. Don’t they?

20 AUG 19 - posted to peggyseditorial.com

Good Writing: Dialogue

Dialogue should help move the story and express the story’s realism. To achieve this, use the M.A.D.E. model.

M: Maintain scientific continuity

A: Advance the storyline/plot

D: Define character(s)

E: Engage emotionally and/or elicit conflict.

Published on Wattpad.

6 AUG 19 - (Originally posted to theanimeview.tumblr.com)

100% Claude's child

30 JULY 19 - (Originally posted to theanimeview.tumblr.com)

29 JULY 19 - (Originally posted to theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Bexan overheard some family tea.

28 JULY 19 - (Originally posted to theanimeview.tumblr.com)

I'm thinking about adding this to certain story posts as a joke XD. LoL! #SpyXFamily

11 JULY 19 - (Originally posted to theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Does anyone else think that Isekai Cheat Magician’s episode 1 opens with that Windows 2009/2012 startup sound?

11 JULY 19 - (Originally posted to theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Still my favorite scene from the Saga of Tanya the Evil

10 JULY 19 - (Originally posted to theanimeview.tumblr.com)

Y’all didn’t tell me Ponyta was going to be in Dororo

27-31 MARCH 19 - (Originally posted to www.peggysuewood.com)

Sigma Tau Delta International Convention 2019

Oh, I’m sorry–did you think that just because I graduated you were done reading about my amazing English Honor Society? I hope not; because that will probably never happen in the history of my blogging. After all, ΣΤΔ is a lifelong condition (okay, maybe not the best joke but that’s our unofficial motto, so I’m keeping it).

"My Dad is An Alien" Presented at Sigma Tau Delta International Convention 2019

The convention this year was different from those prior, mainly–I believe–because I wasn’t responsible for a chapter. At my first convention, I was the Vice President. I was always running to attend panels and make necessary appearances to get funding. At the second convention, I was the President and my team was busy preparing for their presentations so, again, was running around attending panels to support my chapter members as well as attending required events to earn funds. This year, I was just an attendee. I didn’t need to do anything other than attend my panel and so I was free to explore Saint Louis, my mom’s hometown, where I had only been once before at an age I can’t even remember clearly. The experience was freeing, which I hadn’t expected to feel after I felt so tied down from shipping all of my stuff from NY to CA the day before flying out.

The theme this year was “Work in Progress,” and as the convention went on, I was able to reflect so much on how time has passed in the last year since I last attended the convention. I’ve done so much over the last year, good and bad, and had so many different ups and downs as a result (way more than I ever had while still in college). For example, moving to NY/NJ was my first time truly being on my own. I was paying my own rent, making my own financial decisions, and even my own medical decisions (read my “Winter 2019” if you missed that update). The convention helped to reaffirm to myself the idea that I am a work in progress. It seems cheesy, and a little cliché, but it’s true. The experience of reflecting during this short period, where I was primarily having fun with new and old friends who share similar interests was an excellent buffer for the stress I had been feeling over moving back. In the future, I think I’ll set aside a bit of time each month to reflect on what I’ve done. It makes what I have to do in the future a little less intimidating for some reason.

In other news, I am officially the President of Alumni Epsilon (HECK YES)! I know I just said it was a relief not be the leader of a chapter at the convention, but we all knew that wasn’t going to last for long, didn’t we? ;-)

(I proposed that we rename our panel “Daddy Issues” and these were the faces they gave me.)

(Rachael Kahn, Louis Jameson, Myself, and Chyina Powell at ΣΤΔ’s Game Night.)

(Since our friend, Denise, couldn’t make it this year we had this cat keychain stand-in for her in all of our photos.)

1 MARCH 19 - (Originally posted to theanimeview.tumblr.com)

March 2019 - Starting as an MAL Editor

I've officially joined the MAL Rewrite team! Working with the MAL Rewrite Team lets me pursue my editing passion with my anime obsession, that is to say: I love it! There are not a lot of requirements for commitment beyond your initial "tutorial" like assignments, which is great for me as I have a really crazy schedule with the move right now. Anyway. Looking forward to working with everyone and practicing my editing skills through a medium I love. ❤️

3 JAN 19 - (Originally posted to www.peggysuewood.com)

Notes, Book 2

After some debate, I've decided to split my Notes series into yearly volumes. That way the Wattpad publication won't become a huge mess of information from all over, over several years (in which case some information will undoubtedly become outdated eventually).

To the left, I'll put a link when I have it. In the meantime, Book 1 is still up on my Wattpad account @peggyseditorial on their.


My collected notes from all over 2019. This is notebook is closed.