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9 MAR 2020 - UPDATE, Main Website

2 Witches & A Demigod [Podcast]

Upcoming Project - Expected Release: 2021
@witchesdemigod on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr
From left to right: Me, Rachael Kahn, and Denise Morales-Soto--the hosts of 2 Witches & A Demigod!


*Welcome to Two Witches and a Demigod!* In 2020, three smart, magical, and bold women got together to launch a podcast!

* The Magic* across our podcast, website, and other social media platforms is a community of nerdy BFFs from the Halls of Hogwarts to Camp Half-Blood and beyond! We share advice on writing, topical debates about publishing, reviews of contemporary and classic literature, and so much more on our podcast and other platforms that the content never really stops! But how could it with so many creative people around?

*Our Goal* is to make the life of those that are still in school and those that are new-to-publishing easier. We encourage and celebrate the wonderful world of books and book people!

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FEB 2020

1 FEB 2020 - UPDATE Main Website

Remodeling: Blog Update(s)

I deleted all of my old blog accounts! Now the only active ones are: peggyseditorial & theanimeview - both on tumblr.com! All posts that appear on my tumblrs also make there way here, so don't worry too much about missing any new content if you decide to only subscribe via my main blog site (here) :-)

FORMER BLOGS USERNAMES - slytherinyounglady boxofrecipes crestphaanythingiwanttowatch

1 FEB 2020 - UPDATE, Main Website


This Saturday's post, "The Wolf Lord’s Lady: Ghosts of the Pasts" The former of which, "The Wolf Lord's Lady...," encountered a technical issue on tumblr. I'm working on getting it back up, but until it is posted there it will be posted nowhere. :-D

JAN 2020

22 JAN 2020 - theanimeview

25 JAN 2020 - UPDATE, Main Website

I moved blogs behind the scene for Peggyseditorial on Tumblr. I still have the same username, @peggyseditorial.tumblr.com, HOWEVER this means that I have had to repost my work to the new blog. On my main website (HERE) will be the original date they were posted. On the tumblr blog, my past posts will read the re-posting date of Jan 22. Thanks for sticking with me through all these remodels of my blogs!

8 JAN 2020 - theanimeview/peggyseditorial

3 JAN 2020 - UPDATE, Main Website

Sigma Tau Delta - Convention 2020!

Hi, All!

I know--I got back quicker than you thought, huh?

EXCITING NEWS! I'm going to be speaking/presenting at this year's International English Honor Society's Conference in March of 2020! #EnglishCon2020

The panel I'm most excited to be speaking for is a roundtable presentation called "Authorial Intent: Does It Matter In Publishing?" Myself and two other young professionals in publishing (Rachael Kahn, a rising author, and Denise Morales-Soto, editor at Ooligan Press) will be hosting this profession-based roundtable discussion on authorial intent in the editing process of both traditional and self-publishing. If you want to see it, you won't need to buy a ticket. Instead, just be sure to come back here at the end of March/early-April to see a video of the panel.

I'll also be presenting my short non-fiction piece, "An Introduction to Writing," which I'll post on Wattpad after the convention and share a link to here on the blog.

2 JAN 2020 - peggyseditorial

Supporting American Girl

1 JAN 2020 - UPDATE, Main Website

The Notes the Series Continues!

I often carry a notebook with me everywhere I go, and I take notes on all sorts of things I find, whether it be from YouTube videos, events I attend, or conversations with people. Since I find them useful, I thought others might too. For that reason, I began publishing notes under my account on Wattpad back in 2018. I'm happy to announce that this year's Notes is officially open!

Link to Notebook 2020.