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*Please note that this portfolio only includes samples curated from work I have full rights to as either the creator or contractor. Some work cannot be shared due to contractual obligations or professional courtesy, such as marketing schedules and analytics, ghostwritten works, and/or edited manuscript samples. For this reason, I encourage those interested in my skills to request an edit test via email. Thank you.

Editing/Publishing Work & Experience

Developmental, Line, and Copyediting - Freelancing

November 2018 - Present

As a freelancer, I work primarily with self-publishing authors and comic creators (although I am open to working with more established writers, publishers, and agencies too).

Speaker at Sigma Tau Delta's International Convention 2020

I was selected as an alumni speaker to Sigma Tau Delta's International 2020 Convention.

Sigma Tau Delta's 2020 International Convention, which was to be held at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, was officially been canceled. You can read more about the event here.

The panels I was set to present for the organization were both at 8:00 AM on Friday and Saturday, C-03 and F-17, respectively.

In panel C-03 I was going to present "An Introduction to Writing," which was originally the introduction to my undergraduate creative writing thesis that I revised into a passion filled commentary on authoring stories, why some things get published and why some remain unwritten.

F-17's panel was called "Authorial Intent: Does It Matter In Publishing?" The panel consisted of myself and two other young-to-publishing professionals. We were going to discuss author intent, and its role in the editing process both pre- and post publishing in both traditional and self-publishing platforms. You can read up on what we were planning to discuss in my blog post on the subject here.

MAL Rewrite - Volunteer Editor

March 2019 - Present

I joined the MAL Rewrite team in March of 2019. I love working with the MAL Rewrite Team as it lets me pursue my editing passion with my anime obsession. To learn more about the group and what we do, please check us out by clicking the link below!

Journalism Work & Experience

Updated Every Saturday, except Holiday Weekends

Blog Writing & Other Social Media

The Anime View is a blog I've run passionately since 2013. It started as a collection of reposted images from my favorite series or latest anime/manga consumption but has transformed into a place of analytical review, theorizing, and adoration of both mainstream and underappreciated comic and animated media. Additionally, a team has formed as this once one-person blog is transitioning into a full on publication (hopefully by the end of 2021)!

To read posts from a specific blog above, click the individual links above each image. To see all 2020 blog posts go to the "Blog Posts" page of this website or click the green button named "Blog Posts." To learn more about how the blogs started and the goals of each, click here.

Having known that editing was my passion since freshman year of college, and finding some aspects of my earlier education lacking the professional focus I wanted, the goal of the blog was to gather links, resources, and notes I could refer back to and easily share with others that voiced interested.

Since its start, the blog has gone through a number of changes--from several renaming ceremonies, a platform move, and varied content shifts to what it is today: A resource for new to publishing professionals whether they're writers, editors, marketers or something else.

Creative Work & Experience

Notes 2020 & 2021

I often carry a notebook with me when I go out, and I take notes on all sorts of things I find throughout the year, whether it be from YouTube videos, events I attend, or something else. Since I find them useful, I thought others might too. For that reason, I began publishing notes under my account on Wattpad. Updates are made throughout the year, with each book in the series opening in January and closing in December.

A collected notes from all over 2021.
A collected notes from all over 2020.