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2018 & Before Below

Sigma Tau Delta

The International English Honor Society

Alumni Epsilon

March 2019 - March 2021

Positions Held in the Society:

March 2019 - March 2021: President of Alumni Epsilon

2019 Accomplishments:

    • Created the chapter's first official Chapter Constitution!

2018 & Before

Papers & Presentations

"Oscar Wilde: Child of the Classics" - Presented at Chapman University's Student Research Day Spring 2018 | 9 May 2018 | Chapman University

My graduate thesis was accepted for presentation at Chapman University's Student Research Day.

The Idea Behind My Paper:

Oscar Wilde challenged society through his writings. Whether it be in his commentary on aesthetics and fashion or his fictional works, his character and his characters have criticized society’s strict standards on lifestyle and morality by creating his own rules or turning the strict ways of the age into something dark or something laughable.

Through an examination of The Picture of Dorian Gray and mythology, particularly Narcissus’s tale, I aim to prove that the relationship between myth and novel is more than a simple frame or the inclusion of knowledgeable references within the work. Rather, I believe that the inclusion of such the similarities Wilde creates between his characters and Greek mythic counterparts is intended to lead readers toward a particular lesson or moral.


Poster Presentation
Chapman University's Student Research Day Spring 2018 Program
This image links to the book of abstracts. My abstract can be found on page 7.

"The Female Novelist's Anxiety of Authorship" - Presented at Chapman University's Graduate Research Day Spring 2018 | 7 May 2018 | Chapman University

I presented my poster and paper, The Female Novelist’s Anxiety of Authorship. At the Graduate Research Salon in Spring of 2018. My paper examines the feminist theory of the “anxiety of authorship” in relation to Maki Kashimida’s short story “The Female Novelist” and Charlotte Gilma’s “The Yellow Wallpaper,” to show how “The Female Novelist” appears to depict the theory in modern terms, from a Japanese perspective.


The Female Novelist's Anxiety of Authorship
Presentation List
Graduate Research Salon's Program
Me, presenting my work

"Maurice's Love: Coming Out Hasn't Changed" - Presented at The International E. M. Forster Society's Annual Convention | April 2018 | Ludwigsburg, GER

I presented on my topic, Maurice's Love: Coming Out Hasn't Changed, via a poster presentation and lightning talk at The International E. M. Forster Society's Annual Convention. This presentation was on a revised version of my undergraduate thesis, Maurice's Love, which I presented at Chapman University's Undergraduate Research Day in Fall 2016. My undergraduate paper was lucky enough to be published via Chapman's digital commons following the Research Day.


Maurice's Love, Chapman's Undergraduate Research Day Poster Presentation
E. M. Forster: Nature, Culture, Queer! Book of Abstracts
Maurice's Love, EM Forster Society Prestation Poster

"The Sellout: A Hero?" - Presented at Sigma Tau Delta Far West Conference Spring 2018 | 28 April 2018 | Chapman University

My paper framed The Sellout by Paul Beatty as a modern hero's tale. The main character follows the hero's journey and, in doing so, becomes a vigilante figure in his neighborhood and gains sympathy from the readers. In the presentation, I talked about the transitioning role of heroes over time and how we come to today's version of superheroes and the hero journey of an average man.


The Sellout: A Hero?
Sigma Tau Delta Far West Conference Program
Image Links to Conference Program

"A Gay Superhero" - Presented at Sigma Tau Delta Far West Regional Conference Fall 2016 | California State University, Fullerton

In my paper, I discussed how Perry Moore's 2007 article, "Who Cares About a Gay Superhero, Anyway?" set the stage for major changes in the depiction of queer hero characters across comics.

Graduate Teaching Assistant at Chapman University

Spring 2018

Assisted Dr. Myron Yeager by performing teaching and teaching-related duties, such as developing teaching materials, research, giving examinations, and tutoring during set office hours for students; Class ENG 222

Copy of Syllabus:

ENG 222 Syllabus .docx

Sigma Tau Delta

The International English Honor Society

Alpha Zeta Iota Chapter

August 2016 - May 2018

Positions Held in the Society:

2017-2018 Academic Year: President

Spring 2017: Vice President

Fall 2016: Director of Programming


  1. Created Current ΣΤΔ Alpha Zeta Iota Chapter's Website:

    • The previous website for the Alpha Zeta Iota chapter was out of date and current members do not have access to it. The website below was created to replace the older website and is regularly updated with events and information.

  2. Created Chapter Mascot, Azi

  3. Created the Digital Art for All the Bookmarks and Stickers Sold at the Sigma Tau Delta International Convention 2017

  4. Created a shop for the chapter to sell merchandise on Redbubble

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Chapman University

Spring 2018

The Work:

  • Assisted a Chapman University in their teaching and research

  • Hosted 2-4 hours of office hours weekly to assist and tutor students in their English studies

  • Hosted a class period in which I instructed essay improvement and how to use MLA.

Applicable Studies in Teaching:

  • ENG 580: Teaching Composition


  • Freelance Tutoring from 2010 - 2012 in High School

  • Freelance Tutoring in 2012 - 2014 at Concordia University