Editing/Publishing Work & Experience


2018 & Before Below

Freelance Editor & Writer

Developmental, Line, and Copyediting - Freelancing

November 2018 - Present

Because I started freelancing so close to the end of the 2018 year, and because this has been my full-time job throughout all of 2019 to present, I'm opening this section with freelance work. :-D

As a freelancer, I work primarily with first time, self-publishing authors (although I am open to working with more established writers, publishers, and agencies too). It gives me great joy to help writers make their novels as close to their dreams as possible and I look forward to the day each of these fantastic works get published!

Book Writing & Publishing

The Notes Series

I often carry a notebook with me everywhere I go, and I take notes on all sorts of things I find, whether it be from YouTube videos, events I attend, or something else. Since I find them useful, I thought others might too. For that reason, I began publishing notes under my account on Wattpad.

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My collected notes from all over 2020.
My collected notes from all over 2019. This is notebook is closed.
My collected notes from all over 2018. This is notebook is closed.

MAL Rewrite - Volunteer Editor

March 2019 - Present

Joined the MAL Rewrite team! Working with the MAL Rewrite Team lets me pursue my editing passion with my anime obsession, that is to say: I love it!

2018 & Before

New York University's Summer Publishing Institute

The Summer Publishing Program (Professional Training)

Summer 2018 (21 July 2018 - 22 July 2018)

New York, NY

While attending NYU's SPI, I was assigned the role of Editor-in-Chief for our group's magazine project, prosper. I loved this project and felt like the magazine became my own while working on it. The focus of our magazine was women in business, specifically on thriving as a woman in the male-focused business culture.

We went through a long, arduous effort to pick the right name--with a personal favorite of mine being "Career Girl" (which was promptly rejected)--before we came up with Prosper. We were awarded “Most Potential in the Marketplace” at the end of our presentation, which is a great honor. I am so proud to have been a part of such a fantastic team and look forward to seeing everyone on said team become major movers and shakers in the publishing industry.

Why not Career Girl? While we were picking names for our magazine in my group for NYU’s SPI 2018 and many of the women in my group disliked using “girl” in the title because they think it’s too young or, heaven forbid, “girly” in our women’s business magazine. I used to think that way too until about a year ago when I watched Supergirl. Now, all I can think about as a response is DC Comics’ Cat Grant’s quote about using the word “girl” in a name/title on the Supergirl show. It’s really strong and memorable and changed my way of thinking about the word. So… Dear DC Comics, thank you!

During the book project, I was the Social Media Director for our fictional publishing house, Proud Readers. It was a fun role and taught me a lot about the changing popularity of social media platforms. (It also meant a refresher course in photoshop!) I think what I loved most about this project was the freedom I had to create. I was able to make fake images as well as promotional posts on a fiction Twitter and Instagram page.

Our group was all about inclusivity and unity between children, celebrating individual and unique identities that exist around us in the effort to better our community by making self-discovery safe and welcomed. As a team, we worked really well together, and this resulted in us achieving the award of "Best Titles." We worked on the names and stories together and built a project that I am so proud to have been a part of.

Mission Statement: Our imprint explores the intersection between identity and family. Through representing a variety of cultures, ethnicities, abilities, and LGBTQ+ identities, we celebrate what makes every child unique. We seek to reimagine the definition of family and what that looks like. We aid the child in their journey to self discovery and becoming a lifelong Proud Reader.

*NOTE: Student Editorial Experience from 2018 and prior can be found in final section of this page below 2017.

DC Comics

My Internship (Professional Training)

Summer 2017 (26 June 2017 - 25 August 2017)

Burbank, CA (DC HQ)

While at DC Comics, I had the unique opportunity to gain real experience in the process of making and editing comics. I learned a lot about letter placements, color theory, plot consistency across a range of multiple works by different talents, all happening in the same universe, and about the pitch-to-print process.

  • I helped create a catalog of Vertigo titles

  • I created an art and history reference guide for the Superman Group

I created lasting relationships with my former coworkers and was trusted enough to be allowed to continue reviewing a project that I was with from the pitching stage. This project was Issue 18, "Eco-Deadly," of Birds of Prey.

Student Editorial Experience

The Prowl

Chapman University's Daily Digital News

Managing Editor | January 2018-May 2018

Prowl Magazine (Now ChapBook)

Chapman University's Digital Magazine

Managing Editor | January 2018-April 2018

The Upstart Crows

The Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Journal

Founder and Editor-In-Chief | Fall 2017-July 2018

In addition to standard duties of my position, I created the first website for The Upstart Crows.

How We Came To The Name:

What most Shakespeareans believe to be the first reference of Shakespeare is a critique by Robert Greene in which Shakespeare is referred to as "an upstart crow" who "beautified" his wings with the "feathers" of the expert playwrights that came before him. As undergraduates, it seems that most of the time we write academically and creatively under the experts that came before us. Decorating our "wings" (papers) with the "feathers" (quotes of those considered experts in the field to give us extra credibility.

However, we find that - like Shakespeare - our twist on these classics will make us known. Our originality will show through. Which is why we have taken up the mantle of the Upstart Crows.


The Graduate Interdisciplinary Journal

Assistant Editor of Creative Writing | Fall 2017-May 2018

How It Got Its Name:

Anastamos' name comes from the word Anastomosis, meaning "a cross-connection between adjacent channels, tubes, fibers, or other parts of a network." This name is fitting as the journal is interdisciplinary.

Joining Anastamos was a really great experience for me. I got to see how differently the graduate students ran their journal from others on campus. Their critical thinking on financing the publication and working to make it a success was absolutely incredible to see and taught me so much about leadership.

Attended the Amazing Launch party for Anastamos!


Journal for Art and Creative Writing

Editor of Creative Writing | August 2017-May 2018

How It Got Its Name:

The name Calliope comes from the "Greek Goddess of Eloquence. The eldest of the nine Muses, Calliope is the essence of epic poetry. She empowers petitioners with grace of words and fluent expression. Her authority over poetic endeavors includes music and songwriting, and confidence to perform."

(text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide.)

The Underground

Chapman University's Experimental Zine

Editor | August 2016-May 2018

In addition to standard editorial duties, I created the new website for The Underground. This is the site currently used for the publication. (Link below.)

Below is a link to the former site:


The Promethean

Concordia's Literary Journal

Editor | September 2013-May 2015

How It Got Its Name:

Issue 2011/2012: "Prometheus was a god who saw that humans needed fire to survive. Against the will of the other gods, he shared fire with humanity. As punishment, he was chained to a rock and has to endure having his liver eaten by buzzards. Each day his liver grew back; each night the buzzards returned. We, like Prometheus, would have the courage to give the people what they needed - powerfull, honest literature - and utter a shout 'Bring on the Buzzards!' to any naysayers who tried to stop us" hence our name, The Promethean.

In addition to standard editorial duties, I also created the first website for The Promethean. The website has since been taken down, but was very educational experience.