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I am an avid blogger and have been since 2013 when I started The Anime View, and manga/anime/manhwa blog that began as a place to share the images I was collecting from my favorite shows and reads. Since then I've held a number of blogs under different usernames until today where I limit myself to using three accounts: The Anime View, Peggy's Editorial, and PSW Editing. Peggy's Editorial and PSW Editing are linked blogs with similar content. The best way to describe them is as one blog with two pages. Peggy's Editorial is where I write about my industry, personal interests or stories. While PSW Editing is where I am a creative writer and re-blog the sources, inspirations, and information that I find most useful.

The Anime View, however, is an expanding blog that is quickly transforming from one fan gushing about anime to a resource for information, conversation, and industry insight. I've officially become an "Editor-in-Chief" to the website as new contributors have been added to our transforming blog. In the next year or so, we hope to launch as an official, digital-publication!

Updates RegularlyStarted in 2013

The Anime View is a blog I've run passionately since 2013.

What started as a collection of reposted images from my favorite series or latest anime/manga consumption has recently changed into a place of analytical review, theorizing, and adoration of both mainstream and underappreciated comic and animated media.

Currently, many posts have centered on manhwa and other Korean publications shifting away from the heavy Japanese influences of the blog's origins. However--don't let that fool you--there is still plenty of content focused on Japanese and American releases on the blog with more coming soon!

See you all on the blog!

(Oh, And Remember: #ObviTotodileIsTheBestPokemon)

Updates Every Saturday, except Holiday WeekendsStarted in 2018

Updates RegularlyStarted in 2016

Peggy's Editorial started as a makeshift digital notebook, created as an off-shoot of PSW Editing (formerly known as "Crestpha"). Having known that editing was my passion since freshman year of college, and finding some aspects of my earlier education lacking the professional focus I wanted, the goal of the blog was to gather links, resources, and notes I could refer back to and easily share with others that voiced interested.

Over time, the blog grew and, as a double English Major working towards degrees in Creative Writing and English Literature, I thought the growing professional experience and notes I was taking in and out of class might be beneficial to other future/new writers, editors, and publishing professionals outside of my circle of friends.

Since its start, the blog has gone through a number of changes--from several renaming ceremonies, a platform move, and varied content shifts to what it is today: A resource for new to publishing professionals whether they're writers, editors, marketers or something else.

2018 & Before

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Her Campus

About Her Campus: "Her Campus is the #1 new-media brand for the empowered college woman. Written entirely by the world's top college journalists – with 10,000+ contributors and counting.... Founded by three students while they were undergraduates at Harvard—Stephanie Kaplan Lewis ‘10, Windsor Hanger Western ‘10, and Annie Wang ‘11—Her Campus was a winner in Harvard College’s business plan competition, was a Gold Winner & Best All-Around Team in MassChallenge, was named Top Small Business of the Year by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and was named to Entrepreneur Magazine's list of The Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America, among other press and awards."

Speaking about Her Campus:

As an active student member of Chapman University's chapter of Her Campus in 2017-2018, I regularly submitted articles for publication, participated in social media campaigns, and was given the pleasure of presenting a panel for Her Campus at the International English Honor Society's Far West Regional Conference in Spring 2018. A panel that I helped procure and advertise.

Link to my HC profile here.

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