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Currently drawing free avatars/icons for experience. Welcoming anyone who wants my okay-ish art on their accounts while I learn.


Freelance Work

Freelance Tutoring

January 2020 - Present

I did a lot of tutoring in high school and at the start of my college career since teaching others often helped solidify the information within my own mind while studying in school. After college, I've primarily worked as a freelance editor and writer, and had very little interest in returning to teaching. However, as I decided to begin preparing for PhD program applications, I've realized how important teaching is to my goal of continuing in academia. For this reason, I've begun to offer academic services in my freelancing business. One of my first clients was a student looking to enter a credential program post-college. She inspired in me a continued passion for helping high school and college students pursue their academic and professional goals. For this reason, I mostly work with students preparing for college and in adjusting to collegiate academic standards.

To learn more about my teaching services, please see the "Services" page of this website.


April 2020 - Present

In my first month registered on tutors.com I was selected as one of their best tutors of 2020! It's an honor to have been selected and I look forward to the work.